9165 Watt Grid-tied PV System
39 REC 235 Watt modules
Sunny Boy 8000 US inverter

Roger has an all-electric house, and has kept his house quite cool in the winter to save money and reduce the carbon footprint.  Now he has the power to meet his needs.

The array was kept to the West end of the roof, to avoid morning shade from trees that were not on his property.  The low roof slope will allow for the best solar irradiation in the summer, when the array is hot.  Summer heat lowers the output of the array, but the long days and low slope will capture maximum energy during that season.  With his net metering contract, he receives credit for high winter heating loads.

The empty space in the array allows a vent pipe to exit without obstruction.   The location of the opening was carefully designed to avoid having the pipe cast a shadow on the array.  The siting of the array was designed around the location of the vent.  We have plans to make a dummy module to fill the space, for aesthetic purposes.