Diagnosis and Repair

Athens Electric is a licensed and insured, full service electrical contracting company.  Besides the designing and building of new construction projects we are experts in the diagnosis and repair of electrical problems. Our approach to electrical problems is to find the least expensive way to solve the problem in a safe, Code compliant manner.

A common solution for electrical problems is to simply re-wire an entire building.  This approach will solve the problem and does create the most business for the contractor.   Unfortunately, this approach will cost the owner a lot of money and create a huge  mess, followed by further expense as walls, floors and ceilings are repaired where holes have been made to install the new wiring.  We usually recommend that the building’s occupants move out while major rewiring is being done.

Many older buildings were designed to handle the much smaller electrical loads of past decades, and now run into problems with many new appliances used today.  Athens Electric, having over 25 years of experience, will pinpoint the issues and provide power where it is needed.  Existing serviceable wiring, that feeds loads which it can safely handle, can often be left undisturbed.  We have advanced test equipment to evaluate the safety of the existing electrical installation.

We are full service electrical installers, so call us regarding any of your electrical needs.